Mission and Vision
What We Believe
All of us face the same challenges in life. We get angry. We grow jealous. Pride and envy get the best of us. We find ourselves being far less than what we would like to be, and far less than what God desires.

By ourselves, or even together in a group, no matter what we do we can never fully correct the situations of our lives. However, there is an answer to all our problems. JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became a man to live a perfect life for all people. Jesus offered his perfect life as a complete payment for the failures (sins) of all people. And as Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, God has accepted all that Jesus has done for us.

In Christ Jesus all our failings (sins) have been taken away from us and we now stand before God absolutely perfect.

We believe that it is Jesus Christ and him alone that allows us to be acceptable to the Lord, and that everything good we do now is our way of saying thank you to the Lord.

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Who We Are
St. John's Lutheran is a group of people numbering just over 800 who have joined together to hear and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.
Why Are We Here?
We are here to continually tell everyone how great the Lord's love for them is by pointing them to the Word of God and showing them what the Lord has done for them and what the Lord promises to do for them in the future. We have weekly worship services as well as a variety of Bible Studies throughout the week for the young as well as the adults. We run a Christian Elementary School as well as a preschool. Sunday school is another way we tell our children what great things God has done for them.
Where We Came From
We belong to a Lutheran church body called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Our synod began in 1850 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has since expanded into all fifty states. Our synod supports missions for sharing God's word overseas, as well as a school system for training full-time church workers.
Becoming a Part of St. John's
We offer a basic Bible information study for anyone interested in learning more about who God is and what he has done for them. We conduct classes in the fall and spring. Arrangements can be made for private classes as well. Contact our pastor for more information.